To Buy rings online is much cheaper and easier these days. With a few clicks you buy the beautiful ring you want. Create your own ring design with gold or silver or platinum and add diamonds to it and buy it cheap.

Buy Rings Online To Save Time And Money

Online jewellers lets you buy rings from the comfort of home. You don't have to hop from one jeweler to another to view the collection and compare them. Online jeweller lets you access their huge range of rings with a few clicks and this saves your time and effort. Many online jewelers price is so cheap compared to the high street jewellery giants. Online jewellers don't have the overhead of running high street jewelry show rooms and they can pass on this saving to the customers. You can save upto 50% on diamonds and rings. Some online ring manufacturers even allows you to design your own ring and can show the computer design before manufacturing it. This allows you to buy the perfect ring within your budget.

Where to Buy Rings?

For the first time, many of us it is quite difficult to choose an online jeweller as we don't know how good they are. Here, at Buy Rings, we have reviewed some of the top online ring jewellers that are the best in the UK. We have vetted them based on the range of rings, quality of rings, prices & discounts and customer feed backs in various marketplaces like, amazon, google and top review websites At present, our popular choice is Purely Diamonds. Whether you are ordering wedding ring, eternity ring, diamond ring, engraved ring, mothers day ring, we list the top ring jewelers offering excellent services in the UK and the latest popular collection of rings, wedding rings, zirconia rings, eternity rings, diamond rings from the UK's top jewellers.

Buy Rings Tips

Here are few tips for buying a ring. These tips include how to save money and things to remember when you are buying a wedding ring or customised ring.

High Street Jewellers Are NOT Always The Cheapest

It is a common misconcept that the popular high street jewellers are the best to buy rings. You can find a plenty of online ring jewellers offering the same service and quality jewellery. Why pay more when you could get a premium service at a price which is less than up to 50% what you would pay in the High Street.

Don't Rush

Take plenty of time when you make the final choice. Try to get as much information about the ring as possible. A few searches can bring you a number photos and/or 3D Views of the ring you want. Unless you are desparate or have a guaranteed delivery, avoid festive seasons like Christmas when most couriers are busy.

Buy Right Size Ring

Make sure you know the correct ring size of the finger. In the UK, standard ring sizes are represented by letter A to Z.You can find one ring size guide here just for illustration. But it is always better to use one from the jeweller itself to avoid surprises.

Save Money When you Buy Ring.

There are plenty of ways to save money when you buy a ring. For example, choose a white gold ring instead of platinum. A different color graded diamond on a ring can have huge difference in price. Or a ring with cluster of diamonds can be less expensive compared to a one with a big chunky diamond. Understand the Four C's of diamond grading to save money.

Wedding Rings/Engagement Rings.

Unless you are quite confident, always get the advice from your partner or friends and family when choosing the design of the wedding ring or engagement ring. If you are tight with the budget, buy diamond that is cut and polished to look larger but with less carat.

Get Valuation Document And Grading Certificate when you buy diamond rings

When buying expensive rings such as diamond rings, try to buy the ring from a jeweller who can give you the valuation documents. A reputed diamond jeweller should give you the grading certificate as well. These is quite usefull when you want to insure your jewellery or in-case it got stolen.

Personlise Your Rings

Engraving personlises the ring. You can add your name, wedding date, nicknames, love message, wows or what even designs. Always double check for spelling mistakes when you order engraved rings.